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I haven't received my issue and the month has already begun

If you are a new subscriber, allow five weeks before receiving your first issue of Magnificat. You will thereafter receive your monthly prayer books between the 15th and the 25th of every month.

In case you haven't received your issue on time, please contact the Magnificat team at one of the following numbers:
Tel: +65 6824 9877
Mobile: +65 9737 3033


I would like a temporary change to my shipping address

While you’re away on vacation, ask us to change your address temporarily, for free !
This service is guaranteed on three conditions:
1. same country as current subscription;
2. concerns at least 2 shipments;
3. our team is warned a minimum of 5 weeks prior to the change.


I offered a subscription; who will be receiving the renewal letters?

When filling in the order form, you can decide whether you or the recipient are to receive the renewal notices. Please note: if nothing is specified on the order forms, the renewal letters will be automatically sent to the donor of the gift.


How do I know when my subscription runs out?

Two months before your subscription expires, you will receive a letter with your monthly liturgical prayer book, inviting you to renew your subscription.
In order to avoid any inconvenience caused by the interruption of the shipment of your Magnificat, please send your new order form back quickly! For the period of your subscription, will be printed onkthe mailing labels for easy reference on your expiry date.


Why should I subscribe to Magnificat?

You’ll receive Magnificat in your letterbox between the 15 th and the 25 th of each month.
You’ll have your Magnificat at home, before they go on sale in bookstores.
You’ll save money- a yearly subscription makes you save over&nb3p; $10 (Singapore).